HBM II – Half bridge module for AF10

60 V/16 A half bridge power module as extension for the PWM generator AF10

AF10: AF 10 PWM Generator mit Halbbrückenmodul half bridge module HBM II Laborgerät oder Prüfstand

This extension module makes it possible to run loads on the AF10 up to 16 A with up to 60 V, frequencies up to 500 kHz and duty cycles from 0% to 100%.
Connected to the extension socket of the AF10, it can be used as high-side switch, low-side switch, or as push-pull stage. An external power supply feeds the module. With a suitable power supply, 4-quadrant operation (feedback) is possible.


  • Frequency range: 0 Hz to 500 kHz
  • Duty cycle: 0% to 100%
  • Power supply: 0 V to 60 V
  • Input/output current: 16 A
  • Overvoltage shutdown
  • Overtemperature shutdown