Higher continuous current

WRCS III: Weitbereich Strommessung Weitbereich Stromsensor als Modul und im 19-Zoll Rack mit sechs Modulen

Higher continuous current
Due to various detail optimizations, we can now release the rack version of our wide-range current sensor III for continuous currents up to 120 A and peak currents up to 200 A.
Improvements include contact resistances, cooling of the measuring resistors and routing of the cooling air flow.

The higher current is only released in newly delivered racks, as airflow optimizations have also been made in the rack.

WRCS III plug-in units and racks already delivered can be upgraded to the higher current at an attractive charge upon request.

New software features

  • Adjustable overcurrent protection / electronic fuse
    To protect connected components, the WRCS III can now interrupt the current flow at an adjustable overcurrent threshold
  • No filter option
    The software filter can now be deactivated so that an even higher bandwidth is available at the analog output
  • Temperature display
    The internal temperature can now be monitored in the settings to estimate how close the unit is operating to its shutdown limit at a specific load.
  • Customizable screensaver
    The screen saver, which was previously set to 1 minute by default to protect the OLED display, can now also be set to longer times and even completely deactivated.

Standard configuration

Both the new maximum current and the extended software functions are part of the standard configuration of all newly delivered devices.