We enhanced our enclosure: PEG-F

PEG-F: wasserdichtes und staubdichtes Automotivegehäuse nach IP69K mit HDSCS-Stecker automotive housing

Not is more consistent than the change. Our proven enclosure PEG should be used in a new project. In this project, the electronics will include a WLAN module. As a result, the requirements of ISO 60695-11-10 come into play. Therefore, the enclosure material must be flame retardant for increased fire safety requirements.

The research of our supplier showed that the plastic Ultradur B4406G6 (PBT GF30 FR) is applicable. In addition, the material of the seal needs to be changed it is now TC6FTZ.

Sample enclosures of the new plastic were made on a trial basis. These had to prove themselves in the relevant tests, for example in accordance with DIN EN 60529:2014-09 (VDE 0470-1) Degrees of protection through housing (IP code). After a constructive adjustment, that was no problem.

In addition, the chemical resistance was tested according to ISO 16750-5. Our PEG-F enclosure is proven to be resistant to diesel, biodiesel, urea, cavity protection, preservatives, de-preservatives, windshield cleaners, automotive wash chemicals, glass cleaners, rim cleaners, cold cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners, alcohol, roadway de-icers.

The enclosure PEG-F now replaces the previous version PEG. Please read further details on the product page.