WRCS III – Wide range current sensor

Sensor for current measurement from 1 μA to 200 A

WRCS III: Weitbereich Strommessung Weitbereich Stromsensor als Modul und im 19-Zoll Rack mit sechs Modulen

Today’s automotive ECUs switch to an energy-saving mode with very low standby current while the car is powered down. The high-precision current transformer WRCS III measures highly dynamic currents of very few microamperes up to 200 ampere with a fast, automatic change of measuring ranges (auto-range).

Available as a single unit as well as a 19” rack with up to 13 channels, 6 physical measuring ranges provide excellent accuracy from typically 0.1% (at the end of the measuring range) at any current.

Apart from four freely configurable analog outputs for connecting devices such as data loggers (permanent operation, test facility) or oscilloscopes, an OLED display shows the active current with the measuring range used and a simple progress overview.

A multiplexed analog output allows the recording of each measuring range with a single data logger only.

During the use of low sampling rates for the data logger, configurable filters with time constants up to 10 s prevent aliasing.

The measuring channels are galvanically isolated from the analog outputs (100 V).

An adjustable electronic circuit breaker with configurable tripping time constant completes the features of the WRCS III.


  • 6 physical unipolar measuring ranges:
    Measuring range Resolution Shunt
        1 mA 100 nA 100 Ω
      10 mA     1 µA   10 Ω
    100 mA   10 µA     1 Ω
        1 A 100 µA 100 mΩ
      10 A     1 mA   10 mΩ
    200 A   10 mA    0.5 mΩ
  • Maximum current (2s): 200 A
  • Maximum current (8s): 150 A
  • Continuous current: 120 A
  • Overload protection (open circuit), deactivatable
  • Configurable electronic circuit breaker (1..120 A) with adjustable tripping time constant
  • Reverse polarity protection (open circuit), deactivatable
  • No defect with reverse currents up to 120 A (reverse polarity protection deactivated)
  • Maximum input voltage: 55 V (at open circuit state)
  • 4 analog outputs (0 V to 10 V) on a BNC socket or terminal connector, one as a multiplexed output
  • Accuracy:
    Gain error: < 0.3% (< 0.4% in 100 A range) Offset error: < 0.1% at the end of the measuring range (e.g. 1 mA in a 1 A measuring range)
  • Adjustable bandwidth up to 1.5 kHz
  • Sampling rate: 50 kHz
  • Galvanically isolated output signals (100 V)
  • Power supply via 19” system
  • Up to 6 measurement channels per system (13 in 6RU rack)
Options regarding enclosure
  • Single unit containing 1 gauge module
  • 19″ rack (4 HE) containing up to 6 gauge modules
  • 19″ rack (7 HE) containing up to 13 gauge modules
Options regarding maximum continuous current
  • 80/120 A version
    80 A maximum continuous current within a single unit
    120 A maximum continuous current within a air-cooled rack
Connector options
  • Analog output with BNC connectors
  • Analog output with plug-in clamping strips