FBM6020 – Full Bridge Module

20A / 60V power module for AF10 PWM-Generator

AF10: AF 10 PWM Generator mit Vollbrückenmodul full bridge module FBM 6020 Laborgerät oder Prüfstand

By using this extension module the AF10 (engineering) is enabled to drive bidirectional loads up to 20 A with up to 60V. Frequencies up to 500kHz at duty cycles from -100 % to +100% are possible. In comparison to HBM II, driven motors are abled to run forward and backwards.

The extension is connected through the extension port of the AF10. An external power supply is required. If supported by the power supply, four quadrant operation is possible.

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  • Frequency range : 0 Hz to 500 kHz
  • Duty Cycle: -100 % .. +100 %
  • Power supply: 0..60 V
  • Input current / output current: 20 A
  • Bidirectional current measurement: ±40 A
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overvoltage shut down
  • Overtemperature shut down